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You are on your dream vacation and as soon as you step out of the airport, your eyes are fixed on license plates which are different from these issued in by your state or province.  If you are in Switzerland, Italy or Japan, you will never be able to buy a used license plate to cherish as a souvenir.  License plates issued in Italy, Switzerland and Japan are permanent fixtures on a specific vehicle or owner and can be only removed when car is junked or exported.  However, you are in luck because you can purchase a replica license plate from Italy, Switzerland or Japan from  -with your very own custom number.  The license plates used in the movie Angels & Demons were not made in Italy.  Authentic look metal embossed/stamped license plates for Italy and The Vatican were made for Angels & Demons (Columbia Pictures) by based in fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Memorabilia buffs and movie prop departments seeking metal embossed license plates from around the world depend on to deliver top quality replicas.

Many travel-addicted tourists usually bring back trinkets and other memorabilia from foreign countries and select a special room in their homes to place these items.  Many dens across the world, but especially in the USA, are decorated with license plates from countries around the world.  Apart from Japan, Italy and Switzerland, China is another popular tourist destination where tourists cannot purchase old Chinese license plates.  These visitors can now purchase replica Chinese license plates with their custom numbers from

"vatican license plates"

Vatican License Plate used in the movie Angels & Demons made by

Small engine (under 500 cc) Mitsubishi SUV with black on yellow license plate issued by Gunma Prefecture, Japan

"japan license plates"

"antique japanese license plate"

Antique Japanese vehicle with Green on White Tokyo Prefecture license plate.

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"zurich license plates"

Zurich license plate permanently issued to a specific owner.  If owner junks or sells vehicle without replacing, the license plate reverts to the Canton of Zurich.

"license plates of Zurich"

"fiat license plates"

Front Italy license plate. In Italy, license plates belong to a vehicle forever until junked or exported.

You can order this old issue Italy license plate with your custom number from

Replica Italian license plate by

"chinese license plates"

Beijing, China License plates available from with your custom number.

"chinese bejing license plate replica"

Replica Beijing China license plate made by has a global reach and can replicate license plates from most countries from around the world.  Our technicians are always working to match fonts, colors and layout of our replica license plates to match originals as close as possible.  A custom license plate from can become a memorabilia that will become a focal point in your den or garage or even your office.  Our license plates are embossed/stamped Aluminum with the matching fonts, decals and other insignia to truly become a keepsake for tourists seeking a special license plate.

World license plates 800-491-2068
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