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Shopping for License Plates on the Internet

The most difficult part in shopping the internet for license plates is the selection of the store.  There are at least one-hundred internet stores selling license plates but only one store with the widest selection of license plates in the world.  This store is which offers license plates from countries like Andorra to popular countries like Russia, Germany and Switzerland.  The store offers the most complete line of license plates in the world and 98% of the countries of the world are represented in the product category, which includes States within the United States and the Provinces of Canada.  License plates from all countries are made by embossing Aluminum with the correct fonts and finished in correct colors and designs.  It is no wonder that the movie and TV studios from Hollywood and around the world count on to accurately make license plates for film and TV production.

Art Directors for movies and TV shows and auto enthusiasts alike choose for accurate reproduction of metal license plates.  In movie/TV vehicle crash scenes, where plastic license plates shatter and not bend, prop masters noting the high resolution of HD or IMAX camera formats, chose only metal license plates from  Auto enthusiasts select because no other internet merchant offers accurate versions of authentic license plates in embossed/stamped metal. is the only internet merchant to offer accurate fonts for country, state and province license plates.  Most internet merchants can only manufacture European style license plates using the new German license plate font –even for European countries with different fonts like the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Holland, France or other European community member countries.  Unfortunately, search engines like Google or Bing does not check the accuracy content on the internet, so merchants use various gimmicks to get on the top the page for search results and never know they are purchasing a license plate with incorrect fonts.  After investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars/Euros to purchase a nice automobile, customers are duped by many internet merchants and mainly the search engines (Google & Bing) purchasing, for example, a Great Britain and the United Kingdom license plate with incorrect new German fonts.

The world of commerce and especially internet commerce has low barriers for entry and this enables skilled manipulators of product keywords to migrate to the top of customer searches and deliver substandard products to trusting customers.  Many of internet merchants also display security seals to entice shoppers into purchasing from their store because it is safe from hackers etc..  Yet, these same merchants do not offer detailed descriptions of license plates offered for sale and do not disclose shipping cost until checkout.  Each product sold on is described in detail describing colors, materials, dimensions in both British and Metric and the disclosure that all products are shipped free of cost to all United States zip codes or addresses. also discloses all seals or decals are installed free on each plate as advertised –unlike other internet merchants. is the first internet merchant offering customers the ability to customize their plates online, review customization and then add to cart.  While other merchants offer a few license plates with mostly incorrect fonts, colors and formats, offers over 7,000 license plates from the states of the United States, provinces of Canada and from countries around the world.

Our embossed license plates include Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Greek and Cyrillic (Russia, Ukraine, Serbia) fonts.  No other internet merchant can make this claim, so although the search engines may not place at the top of the page for a particular license plate, we are truly the best store for purchasing license plates.  Our dedicated professional with an encompassing library of license plate references and ability to connect with license plate experts from around the world enables to deliver a line of license plates which other merchants or manufacturers cannot match.  Because of capabilities, software developers for license plate readers have purchased our license plates for testing.

If you are seeking quality, accuracy, fast delivery and free shipping in the USA when shopping for license plates online, your best store is


Visit our website today to browse all of our authentic license plate replications from around the world.

Shopping for license plates on the internet
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