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Replica License Plates for Museums, Movies, Memorabilia & Art

Museums around the world are busy collecting antique automobiles to preserve for generations to come. In many cases, autos once owned by famous personalities and acquired by museums are restored to mint condition. In many cases, the original license plates are missing and no longer exist. Usually, a famous person has been photographed with their automobile and the original license plate is seen in photos. To complete the restoration, recreates the original license plates –using the photo as a reference. Only after the replica license plate is fitted to the vehicle the public gets to see the famous automobile. Law enforcement and first responder museums with completely restored squad cars, paddy wagons, fire engines and Harley-Davidson motorcycles used in “the old days” request old replica license plates from . We salute retired police and first responders who spend their retirement protecting history by restoring antique police cars, fire engines and motorcycles.

Modern shooting of movies in HD and IMAX formats has been a challenge for Prop Departments. In these formats, even the minute details are evident on film! An accident involving cars must show the bending license plates and not shattering –as in cases where plastic is used. is the primary source for license plates used in movies –from around the world. Movie studios and their Prop Masters depend on for old license plate replicas which are period correct and also made to look like the originals. After filming, most of the specially made items for the movie are stored at the studio’s vaults and if the movie becomes a classic, these items (including license plates) will be auctioned to the public. has built a library over the past 20 years to assist Prop Masters and movie studios in their research of license plates –especially historical plates from many years past. can re-create antique license plates from old black and white photos and use our resource library to deliver authentic-look antique metal license plates. We have delivered license plates for period movies like: J Edgar, Frost/Nixon, Public Enemies and The Rum Diaries and for films shot in many international locations.

In the United states and Canada, old (out of current issue) license plates have become items of memorabilia. Families who find an old photo of a family member with car may not be able to purchase this old car but surely would like a license plate to be mounted in their office, den, garage etc.. In most cases, can deliver this memorabilia with a specific number. These memories are a part of Americana and links us to our history. Old license plates with custom numbers have become keepsakes and adorn homes, home bars, antique cars at auctions and car shows. There are a growing number of Americans and Canadians involved with old cars and the license plates of a cherished era –remembrances of youth or “the good old days”. makes these cherished remembrances possible by recreating old license plates. The younger generation are following their parents and grandparents in the restoration of classic cars and learning that they can make their restored cars show ready with an antique replica license plate from Some people view older license plates works of art especially if these genre’ of license plates were used in classic movies. Most of the old classic license plates were made of steel and most have rotted away. Arizona made license plates from copper and these were smelted down when copper prices rose to high levels. Because few of the old classic license plates exist, has recreated these classic license plates for artists to complete projects.

Replica License Plates For Movies
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