License Plates in Arabian Gulf Kingdoms

License Plates in Arabian Gulf Kingdoms

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Exotic Cars and Expensive License Plates in

Arabian Gulf Kingdoms 

Abu Dhabi License Plates

Any visitor to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar or Kuwait will be dazed with the gleaming horizon of new skyscrapers and streets with exotic cars.  The brands range from Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren to Rolls Royce with Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz also in the mix as luxury automobiles not exotics.  Now there is another accessory on exotic and luxury automobiles in Abu Dhabi which is even more expensive than the exotic cars : low number license plates.  In a recent auction at the seven star Emirates Palace luxury hotel , an Abu Dhabi license plate with the digit 1 was sold for a world record US $14,211,000!  The proceeds from this record-breaking license plate auction will benefit victims of road accidents. (more…)

License plate manufacturing 800-491-2068 “license plate manufacturing”

License plate manufacturing 800-491-2068 “license plate manufacturing”

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The license plate manufacturing process has basically remained the same for over one-hundred years.  Although the license plate manufacturing methodology has remained same, new technology and materials have made the process efficient producing license plates with a 7 year lifespan. manufactures license plates using modern technology and implements engineering methods which has been refined over the past 25 years.  The use of Aluminum as a base metal to manufacture license plates was introduced nearly 40 years ago in the United States replacing steel.  Steel was not a great choice for license plate manufacture because  of rusting.  The prison systems manufacturing license plates for the 50 states had to build elaborate etching and wash baths and elaborate paint facilities to prevent steel plates from rusting.  The European license plate manufacturers used Aluminum with the exception of the United Kingdom and Norway which used Acrylic.  The primary material used in license plate manufacturing today is Aluminum as a substrate which was covered with a retro-reflective film (known as sheeting in the industry).  This material was invented by 3M but many other companies have introduced  competing license plate sheeting like Avery Dennison, Nikolite and Orafol. (more…)

License Plate Frames 800-491-2068 “license plate frame”

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Automoda Brand Sleek Design License Plate Frames By 

Searching for a license plate frame on the internet can frustrate any shopper with the number of merchants offering this automotive accessory.  However, there is only one internet merchant,,  who can make the following claims:

All license plate frames offered by are engineered to meet ISO-9002 standards for quality.

 All license plate frames offered by are:

100% Lead-Free

100% Mercury-Free

100% Cadmium-Free

All license plate frames offered by is precision stamped and not inaccurately molded to meet the exacting ISO-9002 standards.

All license plate frames offered by are supplied (at no extra cost) with chrome or black screw head covers for a show-room exclusive finish.

Manufacturing Process of Automoda Brand Sleek Design License Plate Frames


License plate frames are designed.

Step 2:

The manufacturing process starts by choosing sheets of premium grade stainless steel -similar quality used in the aircraft industry. Stainless Steel is preferred by our customers because of its strength and there is virtually no corrosion -Your frame will last forever!

Step 3:

This stainless steel material stamped and precision formed with our tool and die. We created our unique Sleek Design license plate frames in response to numerous auto enthusiasts who were quality and design driven!

Step 4:

The precision formed Sleek Design license plate frame is hand polished to remove imperfections and tooling marks. After careful inspection, the frames are expertly finished in: Bright Chrome, Black Onyx or 24 KT. Gold. Each Sleek Design license plate frame is again hand polished after plating.

Our finishing process also meets ISO-9002 quality standards.

Customizable License Plate Frames From

Laser Engraved/Etched

Q: What is Laser Etching or Laser Engraving?

A: Laser etching/laser engraving also known as laser marking is achieved by using modern laser technology to permanently print your message on our chrome filled stainless steel license plate frames. The print made by the laser is permanent and flat unlike mechanical rotary engraving. The color of the mark made by laser etching/engraving is matte black.

Epoxy Filled


Q: What is Epoxy Filling?

A: Epoxy Filling is a unique process which delivers outstanding results to please auto enthusiasts who demand the finest. Epoxy filled frames start of by choosing a brilliant bright chrome plated brass LICENSE PLATE FRAME with your custom message (up to 24 characters and spaces) engraved then epoxy filled in gloss black for contrast. Engraving at a 16,000 depth leaves a groove to apply the epoxy fill that gives the frame(s) a brilliant finish.

Diamond Engraving

Q:What is Diamond Engraving?

A: Diamond Engraving is a Unique New Process which delivers outstanding results to please auto enthusiasts who demand the finest. Diamond Engraving etches a permanent mark into the surface of the frame. This provides a multi-faceted exclusive and distinctive look.  On black onyx finished frames, the black coating is machined out leaving a stainless steel color for a fine contrast look.  For auto enthusiasts who prefer a refined but muted statement on their license plate frames, the choice is’s Diamond Engraved Chrome Frames.  The refined but less contrasted look, like a engraving on fine jewelry, is achieved by machine engraving the bright chrome finish of the license plate frame exposing the stainless steel base metal. offers all of the following frames with screw caps:

Sleek Two-Hole Black Onyx Frame

Sleek Four-Hole Black Onyx Frame

Wide-Bottom Black Onyx Frame

Wide-Top and Wide-Bottom Black Onyx Frame

Wide-Top Black Onyx Frame

Mid-Size Black Onyx Frame

Sleek Two-Hole Chrome Stainless Steel Frame

Sleek Four-Hole Chrome Stainless Steel Frame

Wide-Bottom Chrome Stainless Steel 

Mid-Size Chrome Stainless Steel Frame

Sleek Two-Hole 24k Gold Finish Frame

Wide-Bottom 24k Gold Finish Frame

Wide-Top and Wide-Bottom 24k Gold Finish Frame

Wide-Top 24k Gold Finish Frame

Mid-Size 24k Gold Finish Frame


The Myth About Heavy Frames

Most online merchants market their frames as being heavy and made of alloys.  In many cases, the heavy content” may be a result of dangerous lead in these frames.  Some manufacturers issue a warning on their license plate frame packaging which reads: “ This product contains chemicals, including lead, known … to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  Wash hands after handling.”’s Automoda Brand Sleek Design license plate frames are 100% Lead-Free, 100% Mercury-Free and 100% Cadmium-Free and there is no need to wash hands after handling.’s stainless steel license plate frames are much stronger and longer lasting than so-called “heavy frames” and are guaranteed to never rust or corrode.  In an era where automobile manufacturers are seeking new ways to reduce the weight of motor vehicles, online license plate merchants and manufacturers are advertising heavy frames.  The backward concept of heavy-frames adds weight to vehicles and may also contain harmful metals known to cause birth defects, so there is a possibility of reduction in a vehicle’s fuel economy and increased chance of harmful health effects to purchasers of heavy license plate frames. engineered our line of Automoda Brand Sleek design license plate frames using aerospace quality stainless steel for durability and reduced weight with virtually a zero chance of our frames being contaminated with harmful elements like lead, mercury and cadmium.  Our ISO-9002 engineering standards our customers will receive a top quality license plate frame free of defects or harmful heavy metals.

With free shipping to all USA zip codes, screws and coder matching screw-cap covers, license plate frames are the best value on the internet.

License plate frames
5301 NW 35th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(800) 491-2068

Japanese License Plates

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All you ever wanted to know about Japan License Plates

Japan license plates for vehicles with engines 2000 cc and over are issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Land Offices  (MLIT) nationwide.  Local municipalities issue vehicles with engines less than 2000 cc.  Japan license plates for vehicles smaller than 2000 cc are 5-series plates while license plates for vehicles larger than 2000 cc are referred  to as 3-series plates.  License plates for motor vehicles in Japan are always issued in pairs with the rear plate permanently attached to the vehicle and is only removed when the vehicle is scrapped or exported.  Japanese purchase their new vehicles with the license plates already attached by the dealership.

Custom Japanese license plates online

There are numerous internet merchants selling Japanese license plates online.  A casual shopper may be misled by the offering to think the only Japanese Prefecture (same as a USA State) issuing license plates is Nagano with a single Hiragana!  It is similar to an internet retailer offering custom USA plates only from the state of Hawaii!  The only online merchant offering a wide selection of Japanese car and motorcycle plates is  Most of the Japanese Prefectures are offered with varied Hiragana on in colors to match the officially issued license plates.  Shoppers can choose the correct Japanese license plate to match a specific Prefecture and vehicle or motorcycle on

Japanese License Plate Colors

License plate for private vehicles with engines less than 660 CC

"Japanese License Plates "Plate size generally: 6.5″ x 13″

License plate for private vehicles with engines greater than 660 CC

"japan license plate"Plate size generally: 6.5″ x 13″

Commercial vehicles with engine greater than 660 CC

"license plates from Japan"Plate size generally: 6.5″ x 13″

Light private vehicles with engine lesser than 660 CC

"japan license plates authentic"Plate size generally: 6.5″ x 13″

Light commercial vehicles with engine lesser than 660 CC

"japanese license plate"Plate size generally: 6.5″ x 13″

Japan motorcycle (250 CC & Greater) license plate

"japanese motorcycle license plate"Plate size generally: 4″ x 8″

Japan license plate layout

"plate-layout Japan license plates"

Special use Japan license plates

American Forces in Japan have been issued license plates with a special letter Y on green on White plates and A on Black on Yellow plates replacing the hiragana prefix character.  These license plates are issued under Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).  These letters also indicate the vehicles are imported into Japan and are left-hand-drive as opposed to the standard right-Hand-Drive Japanese vehicles.

About 30 years ago, United States servicemen, because of Japan bureaucratic problems, were dissuaded from importing American made vehicles into Japan, so servicemen purchased vehicles from local car lots or from so-called lemon-lots (within the walls of United States bases in Japan).

A Japan license plate shopper paradise

If a shopper is looking for a specific Japanese license plate from a specific prefecture, then the only choice is   Shoppers can choose Japanese license plates for specific Japanese brand cars to match the prefectures from which the Japanese car manufacturer is based.

Prefecture                                          Car brand headquarters

Kanawaga                                                           Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun

Sapparoro                                                           Toyota, Lexus, Scion

Saitama                                                                Honda, Acura

Gumna                                                                 Subaru

Do not be trapped in Nagano Prefecture –get a Japanese License plate in the authentic colors to match the prefecture from which your Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Honda, Acura or Subaru was made.  Visit and get the Japan license plate which is the closest to authentic.

Visit our website to order any of our authentic license plates from around the world.

Japanese license plates
5301 NW 35th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


TOLL FREE: 800-491-2068

European License Plates –Authentic Fonts

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European license plates –Authentic Fonts

Shopping online for a European license plate can be tedious unless you are shopping on

There is virtually no online merchant offering license plates with country correct fonts –except

Here is the question of the day:  If a website offers for sale a United Kingdom or Italian license plate with the incorrect United Kingdom or Italian Fonts  –is this fraudulent?     Customers may depend on a merchant’s “expertise” to deliver a license plate with country correct fonts. Unfortunately, online merchants, except, deliver all European countries custom license plates with current GERMAN plate fonts!  To save costs or manufacturing on the cheap, these online merchants, are misleading their by false advertising –manufacturing all European country license plates with incorrect current German license plate fonts.  These merchants should have a disclaimer which clearly states the use of incorrect fonts when marketing European country license plates online. uses authentic fonts for all European license plates, unlike their competitors who continue to mislead their customers with their non-authentic European license plates. :

"swiss license plates""Italy rear license plate""Ireland license plate""greek license plate"

"Great Britain license plate""french license plate"

"Luxembourg license plate""austrian license plate"

"belgium license plates"

Here are some examples of ways internet retailers mislead customers:

"greece licence plate custom""great britain license plate custom"

"france license plate custom""belgium license plate custom""Austria license plate custom"




Other retailers guilty of misleading customers with non-authentic European license plates are,,,, and

* is used as a standard for correct license plates fonts for European countries

From the images above, it is clear that all the online merchants, except,  offering European license plates are using modern German license plate fonts to manufacture license plates for all European countries.  This is same as applying Land Rover emblems on a Hyundai or Ferrari emblems on a Toyota –misleading to customers.

European countries/territories license plates manufactured with correct fonts by

Albania Andorra  Armenia  Austria  Azerbaijan  Belarus  Belgium  Bosnia  Bulgaria  Croatia  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  England  Estonia  Finland  France  Georgia  Germany  Great Britain  Greece  Hungary

Iceland  Ireland  Isle of Man  Italy  Kosovo  Latvia  Liechtenstein  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Macedonia  Malta  Moldova Monaco Montenegro  Netherlands  Norway  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Russia  San Marino  Scotland  Serbia  Slovakia  Slovenia  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  Turkey  Vatican City  Wales offers the widest variety of European license plates compared to all other online merchants –with the correct fonts.

It is clear that virtually all online merchants offer European license plates which are extremely different from the originals. The most glaring issue is the use of modern German license plate fonts for all countries in Europe. Some merchants use incorrect color license plates, no decals and offer only European license plate with are ‘prior” issues or license plates which are no longer being issued.  Customers are often led to believe these “novice” websites are the real thing only to be disappointed when they finally receive their incorrect plates. is the only online merchant offering European license plates with the correct fonts, decals and plate colors for specific European countries.

Customers will be satisfied with the quality, quick order processing time, shipping time and also the fine details like decals and embossed badges offered by  Any reasonable license plate or auto enthusiast will concur that are the sole expert manufacturers of European license plates.

 European license plates- authentic fonts

Call us today 800-491-2068 or visit our website to buy online
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TOLL FREE: 800-491-2068


Shopping online for a German license plate

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Shopping online for a German license plate

– offers the lowest price, widest variety, fastest order processing and shipping time with free shipping to all USA addresses

Purchasing a custom German license plate online can be a tiring experience for shoppers looking for a good deal.  Many merchants display low prices as an enticement for random numbers on plates while adding huge shipping fees for an average of 8 to 10 business days delivery.  Most internet retailers do not make German license plates advertised on their sites, but have online orders dropped-shipped from a manufacturer.    All internet German license plate merchants, expect, do not offer the older German license plates with correct DIN fonts.

Price comparison for German license plate with hinged black euro plateholder + State/pollution decals  + shipping

"custom German license plates"































The merchant with the lowest price is: –incidentally is the first online merchant to offer the largest selection of authentic font European license plate customization back in 2003.

A FEW Examples off the absolute manufacturing prowess of

A)     Reverse Embossed Number/Message (also known as lateral inversion which shows up readable on a mirror) only available at


 is the only internet retailer capable of embossing a German license plate with REVERSE text.  The possibilities are endless with the capabilities of

B)     German License Plates with 11 characters embossed (no decals used –authentic stamped aluminum)


 is the only internet retailer capable of embossing a German license plate with over 9 characters.  There are very few German license Plate orders which this merchant cannot manufacture!

C)     German License Plate in USA size  (only available from













D)     German Military License Plates with correct DIN fonts –sold online only at

 offers these non-reflective German Military License Plates as per standards mandated by the Bundeswehr


E)      German License Plate issued during World War II –no other internet retailer offers this license plate







only available at

H) German Motorcycle License Plates –a unique license plate for German motorcycle owners which cannot be purchased from any other internet merchant.















only available at


I)  German License Plate for Tax-Exempt vehicles –a exclusive license plate from




j) German Trade License Plates –another exclusive product from
 offers the widest variety of German license plates on the internet at better value when compared to other online retailers.  In most instances, customers will find the lowest prices when shopping on and they will also get the best order processing time and free shipping by Priority Mail.  With over eight (8) years experience on the internet and nearly twenty-four (24) years of license plate manufacturing experience, customers will find the only place to shop for German and European license plates.

German license plates online

Call today 800-491-2068 , or visit our website at
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TOLL FREE: 800-491-2068