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Automoda Brand Sleek Design License Plate Frames By 

Searching for a license plate frame on the internet can frustrate any shopper with the number of merchants offering this automotive accessory.  However, there is only one internet merchant,,  who can make the following claims:

All license plate frames offered by are engineered to meet ISO-9002 standards for quality.

 All license plate frames offered by are:

100% Lead-Free

100% Mercury-Free

100% Cadmium-Free

All license plate frames offered by is precision stamped and not inaccurately molded to meet the exacting ISO-9002 standards.

All license plate frames offered by are supplied (at no extra cost) with chrome or black screw head covers for a show-room exclusive finish.

Manufacturing Process of Automoda Brand Sleek Design License Plate Frames


License plate frames are designed.

Step 2:

The manufacturing process starts by choosing sheets of premium grade stainless steel -similar quality used in the aircraft industry. Stainless Steel is preferred by our customers because of its strength and there is virtually no corrosion -Your frame will last forever!

Step 3:

This stainless steel material stamped and precision formed with our tool and die. We created our unique Sleek Design license plate frames in response to numerous auto enthusiasts who were quality and design driven!

Step 4:

The precision formed Sleek Design license plate frame is hand polished to remove imperfections and tooling marks. After careful inspection, the frames are expertly finished in: Bright Chrome, Black Onyx or 24 KT. Gold. Each Sleek Design license plate frame is again hand polished after plating.

Our finishing process also meets ISO-9002 quality standards.

Customizable License Plate Frames From

Laser Engraved/Etched

Q: What is Laser Etching or Laser Engraving?

A: Laser etching/laser engraving also known as laser marking is achieved by using modern laser technology to permanently print your message on our chrome filled stainless steel license plate frames. The print made by the laser is permanent and flat unlike mechanical rotary engraving. The color of the mark made by laser etching/engraving is matte black.

Epoxy Filled


Q: What is Epoxy Filling?

A: Epoxy Filling is a unique process which delivers outstanding results to please auto enthusiasts who demand the finest. Epoxy filled frames start of by choosing a brilliant bright chrome plated brass LICENSE PLATE FRAME with your custom message (up to 24 characters and spaces) engraved then epoxy filled in gloss black for contrast. Engraving at a 16,000 depth leaves a groove to apply the epoxy fill that gives the frame(s) a brilliant finish.

Diamond Engraving

Q:What is Diamond Engraving?

A: Diamond Engraving is a Unique New Process which delivers outstanding results to please auto enthusiasts who demand the finest. Diamond Engraving etches a permanent mark into the surface of the frame. This provides a multi-faceted exclusive and distinctive look.  On black onyx finished frames, the black coating is machined out leaving a stainless steel color for a fine contrast look.  For auto enthusiasts who prefer a refined but muted statement on their license plate frames, the choice is’s Diamond Engraved Chrome Frames.  The refined but less contrasted look, like a engraving on fine jewelry, is achieved by machine engraving the bright chrome finish of the license plate frame exposing the stainless steel base metal. offers all of the following frames with screw caps:

Sleek Two-Hole Black Onyx Frame

Sleek Four-Hole Black Onyx Frame

Wide-Bottom Black Onyx Frame

Wide-Top and Wide-Bottom Black Onyx Frame

Wide-Top Black Onyx Frame

Mid-Size Black Onyx Frame

Sleek Two-Hole Chrome Stainless Steel Frame

Sleek Four-Hole Chrome Stainless Steel Frame

Wide-Bottom Chrome Stainless Steel 

Mid-Size Chrome Stainless Steel Frame

Sleek Two-Hole 24k Gold Finish Frame

Wide-Bottom 24k Gold Finish Frame

Wide-Top and Wide-Bottom 24k Gold Finish Frame

Wide-Top 24k Gold Finish Frame

Mid-Size 24k Gold Finish Frame


The Myth About Heavy Frames

Most online merchants market their frames as being heavy and made of alloys.  In many cases, the heavy content” may be a result of dangerous lead in these frames.  Some manufacturers issue a warning on their license plate frame packaging which reads: “ This product contains chemicals, including lead, known … to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  Wash hands after handling.”’s Automoda Brand Sleek Design license plate frames are 100% Lead-Free, 100% Mercury-Free and 100% Cadmium-Free and there is no need to wash hands after handling.’s stainless steel license plate frames are much stronger and longer lasting than so-called “heavy frames” and are guaranteed to never rust or corrode.  In an era where automobile manufacturers are seeking new ways to reduce the weight of motor vehicles, online license plate merchants and manufacturers are advertising heavy frames.  The backward concept of heavy-frames adds weight to vehicles and may also contain harmful metals known to cause birth defects, so there is a possibility of reduction in a vehicle’s fuel economy and increased chance of harmful health effects to purchasers of heavy license plate frames. engineered our line of Automoda Brand Sleek design license plate frames using aerospace quality stainless steel for durability and reduced weight with virtually a zero chance of our frames being contaminated with harmful elements like lead, mercury and cadmium.  Our ISO-9002 engineering standards our customers will receive a top quality license plate frame free of defects or harmful heavy metals.

With free shipping to all USA zip codes, screws and coder matching screw-cap covers, license plate frames are the best value on the internet.

License plate frames
5301 NW 35th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(800) 491-2068

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