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European license plates –Authentic Fonts

Shopping online for a European license plate can be tedious unless you are shopping on

There is virtually no online merchant offering license plates with country correct fonts –except

Here is the question of the day:  If a website offers for sale a United Kingdom or Italian license plate with the incorrect United Kingdom or Italian Fonts  –is this fraudulent?     Customers may depend on a merchant’s “expertise” to deliver a license plate with country correct fonts. Unfortunately, online merchants, except, deliver all European countries custom license plates with current GERMAN plate fonts!  To save costs or manufacturing on the cheap, these online merchants, are misleading their by false advertising –manufacturing all European country license plates with incorrect current German license plate fonts.  These merchants should have a disclaimer which clearly states the use of incorrect fonts when marketing European country license plates online. uses authentic fonts for all European license plates, unlike their competitors who continue to mislead their customers with their non-authentic European license plates. :

"swiss license plates""Italy rear license plate""Ireland license plate""greek license plate"

"Great Britain license plate""french license plate"

"Luxembourg license plate""austrian license plate"

"belgium license plates"

Here are some examples of ways internet retailers mislead customers:

"greece licence plate custom""great britain license plate custom"

"france license plate custom""belgium license plate custom""Austria license plate custom"




Other retailers guilty of misleading customers with non-authentic European license plates are,,,, and

* is used as a standard for correct license plates fonts for European countries

From the images above, it is clear that all the online merchants, except,  offering European license plates are using modern German license plate fonts to manufacture license plates for all European countries.  This is same as applying Land Rover emblems on a Hyundai or Ferrari emblems on a Toyota –misleading to customers.

European countries/territories license plates manufactured with correct fonts by

Albania Andorra  Armenia  Austria  Azerbaijan  Belarus  Belgium  Bosnia  Bulgaria  Croatia  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  England  Estonia  Finland  France  Georgia  Germany  Great Britain  Greece  Hungary

Iceland  Ireland  Isle of Man  Italy  Kosovo  Latvia  Liechtenstein  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Macedonia  Malta  Moldova Monaco Montenegro  Netherlands  Norway  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Russia  San Marino  Scotland  Serbia  Slovakia  Slovenia  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  Turkey  Vatican City  Wales offers the widest variety of European license plates compared to all other online merchants –with the correct fonts.

It is clear that virtually all online merchants offer European license plates which are extremely different from the originals. The most glaring issue is the use of modern German license plate fonts for all countries in Europe. Some merchants use incorrect color license plates, no decals and offer only European license plate with are ‘prior” issues or license plates which are no longer being issued.  Customers are often led to believe these “novice” websites are the real thing only to be disappointed when they finally receive their incorrect plates. is the only online merchant offering European license plates with the correct fonts, decals and plate colors for specific European countries.

Customers will be satisfied with the quality, quick order processing time, shipping time and also the fine details like decals and embossed badges offered by  Any reasonable license plate or auto enthusiast will concur that are the sole expert manufacturers of European license plates.

 European license plates- authentic fonts

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6 Responses to “European License Plates –Authentic Fonts”

  1. arklas

    Well, the drawings above are nice examples of “authentic” fonts: Luxembourg plates with French font (wrong!), Greek plate with old German font (wrong!), Irish plate also with old German font (hardly ever used) and no space for province name above the number (wrong!). The size proportions are also usually incorrect: France – too long hyphens, Belgium – too big numbers. If the Austrian font looks exactly as shown above, it’s also wrong. It seems that only correct are the fonts which can be found in the Web, and not a single one more.


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