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Eco-Friendly License Plate Frames Engineered To ISO-9002 Engineering Standards

Most shoppers looking for license plate frames do not think many of the frames marked in big-box stores or on the internet many contain dangerous heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium. is the only store with lab tested chrome finished stainless steel license plates frames guaranteed to be free of lead mercury, lead and cadmium –all known to cause severe health risks to humans and animals.  To make this claim, requested world renowned laboratory SGS to test our stainless steel license plate frames and issue a report of  results.  SGS Report Number: CE/2012/63515 clearly states there is zero presence of mercury, lead and cadmium in our line of stainless steel license plate frames.   Many license plate frames in big-box stores print warnings on their packaging warning of the dangers lead content  in the frame’s metal.

Apart from posing potential health risks to customers, many alloy frames sometimes marketed as “heavy” frames are crudely made due to poor workmanship. is please to offer our line of stainless-steel license plate frames made to the exacting engineering standards to earn an ISO-9002 designation.  This means only offers license plate frames which meets or exceeds the highest international standards in manufacturing –base metal (stainless steel quality) selection, stamping of stainless steel using precision engineered dies, polishing and chrome plating.  Every step in our manufacturing is a meticulous process in order to deliver world class eco-friendly  license plate frames to auto enthusiasts around the world.













































  Stainless Steel license plate frames are made to precision engineering standards meeting ISO-9002 Quality Assurance

Wash Your Hands

Many manufacturers of license plate frames print a cautionary note on their packages informing unsuspecting owners of their frames to :..wash hands after handling…”.   This is an outrage because lead and other heavy metals like mercury and cadmium can cause serious health problems in humans –mostly related to reproductive issues in the case of lead.  There is no need for this type of caution when handling license plate frames from –our frames were SGS Lab tested to ensure safety of ownership with zero health risks to our customers.

Precision Tooled Manufacturing

Unlike the molded heavy frames being marketed in big box stores, small retailers and on the internet, License offers only precision stamped and hand polished stainless steel and pure sheet brass frames.  The most watchful of auto enthusiasts will notice the precision of our sleek design and custom license plate frames.  We are the only manufacturer offering chrome finished stainless steel license plate frames –the competitors offer only a polished finish which is much duller than our license plate frame line.  While our license plate frames are not heavy like others being marketed by competitors, line of license plate frames will fit your license plate like a glove.  There are no ripples or imperfections in the finish of our license plate frames due to our ISO-9002 manufacturing standards.  No other manufacturer or retailer can make this claim and provide documentation to justify this claim.

License Plate Frames –the Sleek Design Collection from pack every frame we ship with chrome or black screw head cap covers and standard screws, nuts and bolts to ensure easy installation.  The chrome or black screw head cap covers will enhance the look of your frame when installed and a show-quality premium look will be evident.  It is possible that once you install a license plate frame from on your vehicle, you will not have to replace during the life of your vehicle.  The premium look and quality of our license plate frames will protect the edge of your license plate an also match the chrome or black accents of your car or SUV. offers a full line of license plate frames finished in either chrome or onyx-black or gold with 2 or 4 screw holes for installation and wide or notched frames to ensure your state’s expiration decals on license plates are clearly visible.

Call us today or visit our website to order your eco-friendly license plate frames today (800) 491-2068.

Eco-Friendly License Plate Frames
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