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It’s the season for shopping for gifts and consumers are barraged with so many offers and so-called great-deals that it becomes difficult to choose. In some instances, when the discount is too good to be true, it probably is a bad deal.
No shopper ever gets a deal where a good quality product is discounted by 50%! Good quality merchandise priced for consumers to get a good value may see a 10% discounted sale price, but not 50% off!
LICENSEPLATES.TV designs and manufactures stamped (embossed with raised letters and numbers) metal license plates with a custom or personalized number chosen by customer. We did the research to replicate the correct number and letter fonts, colors and layout, so our buyers will be fully satisfied. We have had many cases where customers have insisted they would have paid $500 per plate instead of $95 because of our meticulous manufacturing process. We have seen metal license plates online selling for as little as $10. “Manu” customers have called us disappointed that the plate received was junk and fit for the recycle bin and not their collector car. These cheap license plates are FLAT with no embossing, wrong color hues and incorrect layouts and unfit for collector automobiles which have been meticulously restored to look like the original. Of course most of the sellers of the flat license plates never disclose to consumers the plates are flay. In some cases, the images shown give the impression that these plates are embossed.
So, buyer beware, good quality products are never offered at unbelievable low prices.
The following images clearly show there is a difference between license plates made for car collectors and license plates made for other uses.
Do not be fooled with cheap imitations. Visit
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