Follow Me on PinterestPin ItJohn Jensen is among the best automobile restorers in the country.  His business is located in Augusta, Kansas and recently, he restored 1937 Plymouth Kansas Highway Patrol Car with license plate number 27.

Like many other artisans in the automobile restoration industry, John is a stickler for detail and wanted a personalized metal embossed license plate with the identical colors, number and letter fonts plus the layout must be exact as the original. design department requested a photograph of the original license plate which was provided by John.  Our design department used high-tech scanners and created the correct fonts for out tooling department.  In a few days, we were able to ship a set of near perfect replicas of 1937 Kansas Highway Patrol license plates.

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With nearly 30 years of experience customizing, personalizing and replicating antique license plates from the United States and all over the world, has become the leader in this industry.  Apart from auto restoration companies, car museums and car collectors, the motion picture industry use our services to produce authentic-look replica license plates to shoot movies for the big screen and TV in HD or IMAX formats.  Plastic plates are a no-no because they shatter in car crashes.  Flat printed plates are rejected because these show up as fakes in HD or IMAX film formats. manufactures authentic font embossed license metal plates with historically correct colors.

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