Old Cuban License Plate Replica Brings Back Fond Memories

Pin It Old Cuban License Plate Replica  Brings Back Fond Memories Miami, Florida – February 2013 Old Cuban License Plate Replica  Brings Back Fond Memories. After her mother passed away, Candy was going through old photos brought from Cuba over 40 years ago by her parents. There was a particular photo which captured Candy’s eyes –one […]

Kentucky License Plates

Pin It Kentucky License Plates Kentucky license plates have a long history going back to the year 1910.  A law enacted by Kentucky in 1904 permitted the operation of motor vehicles. However, this law covered the issue of motor vehicles not alarming horses. The cities of Kentucky issued license plates made of brass and porcelain. […]

Emirati License Plates

Pin It Emirati License Plates Last week, we received an email from Rashid of Dubai thanking Licenseplates.tv for “…for offering license plates from the United Arab Emirates” – Emirati License Plates. Licenseplates.tv is pleased to offer replica license plates form GCC countries..   Rashid related that he had searched the internet for custom license plates from […]

Kansas License Plates

Pin It Kansas License Plates Cities and counties in Kansas started registering motor vehicles as early as 1904. Some of the cities and counties issued porcelain license plates while other required motor vehicle owners to get their own. The first statewide license plates were issued in 1913 and these were undated until 1921. The abbreviation […]