Illinois License Plates

Pin It Illinois License Plates The first State of Illinois issued Illinois license plates started in 1907 pursuant to legislative statute and the plate in 1911 was flat, in 1912 the plates were perforated and 1n 1913, the numbers and state name were cut out of blank metal.  Illinois cities first issued license circular license […]

Idaho License Plates

Pin It Idaho License Plates Idaho license plates were not issued by the state until 1913.  City governments were responsible for registering motor vehicles from 1909 through 1912.  The first Idaho license plates were made of porcelain, brass and steel.  The first slogan on Idaho’s license plates appeared in 1928 where the word POTATO at […]

Georgia License Plates

Pin It Georgia License Plates The first Georgia license plates were issued by the cities of Atlanta and Savannah in 1904.  The few license plates which have survived are just a serial number with no other markings. The state of Georgia first required license plates in 1910. The first and only slogan used on Georgia […]

Promotional License Plates Designed for Maximum Effect

Pin ItPromotional License Plates Designed for Maximum Effect Case Study Jaguar     When Ad Agency, PLAN B, wanted to create an exceptional impact for exclusive client Jaguar, they commissioned to manufacture border embossed full color metal license plates.  These license plates bearing the Jaguar mark and name replicated the grille of new vehicles.  PLAN […]

Iowa License Plates

Pin It Iowa License Plates The state of Iowa first manufactured and issued steel license plates from the middle of 1911.  In 1904, Iowa enacted laws to register all motor vehicles within the state.  From 1904 through the middle of 1911, Iowa motor vehicle owners were responsible for providing their own license plates.  These early […]