Indiana License Plates

Pin It Indiana License Plates Indiana license plates were first issued by the state in 1913.  In 1905, Indiana enacted a state motor vehicle licensing code.  This code was loosely written and allowed counties and cities to issue license plates.  Examples of the city and county license plates are rare.   The state issued license plates […]

Hawaii License Plates

Pin It Hawaii License Plates In 1922, several counties in the Territory of Hawaii consolidated to issue of license plates. The counties of Hawaii and Honolulu issued license plates annually from 1915 to 1921. Motor vehicle laws were written in Hawaii as far back as 1903, and in 1911, the laws allowed homemade license plates. […]

Connecticut License Plates

Pin It Connecticut License Plates The state of Connecticut began issuing motor vehicle license plates in 1905 and the letter C was followed by a number.  From 1905 through 1916, Connecticut license plates were porcelain.  In the middle of 1905, there were 3,000 vehicles registered in Connecticut and plates were issued in pairs.  Between 1914 […]

Delaware License Plates

Pin It Delaware License Plates Delaware first registered motor vehicles in 1905, but few of these plates exist.  In 1909, the mandate by the state of Delaware for motor vehicle Delaware License Plates was passed and these were made of porcelain.  All license plates issued by the state of Delaware since 1942 can still be […]

District of Columbia & Washington D.C.

Pin It District of Columbia & Washington D.C. The District of Columbia & Washington D.C. license plates have a long history because it is home to all three branches of the Federal Government.  There were over 2,000 motor vehicles registered in the District of Columbia between 1902 through 1907, however few plates survive today because of leather […]

Colorado License Plates

Pin It Colorado License Plates The state of Colorado issued its first Colorado license plates in 1913. Prior to this time, cities issued numbers and motorists were required to make their own plates. These plates came in a variety of styles and materials used included porcelain, leather and even metal kits plates sold in hardware […]