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World Famous Custom License Plate Maker

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Ever wonder where the license plates for recent Hollywood movies come from? If your answer is, you are correct. Prop masters rely on to research and manufacture accurate replicas of license plates for their movie productions. Our global pool of license plate experts combined with our in-house license plate library and database relieves movie studios from expending valuable time and resources for research. can evaluate screenplays or set scenes and recommend the relevant license plates because we are an expert custom license plate maker. labels each license plate to match specific scenes. Our expertise enables the Prop Master and staff more time to concentrate on other aspects of the set for filming. In the digital age of high definition television, IMAX theaters and an audience looking for details, movie studios have chosen for manufacturing and delivery of authentic looking license plates from all over the world.

Please call us Toll-Free 1-800-491-2068. In South Florida please call 954-485-0995. Our friendly operators will assist you with the order process between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.
5301 NW 35th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(800) 491-2068


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It’s the season for shopping for gifts and consumers are barraged with so many offers and so-called great-deals that it becomes difficult to choose. In some instances, when the discount is too good to be true, it probably is a bad deal.
No shopper ever gets a deal where a good quality product is discounted by 50%! Good quality merchandise priced for consumers to get a good value may see a 10% discounted sale price, but not 50% off!
LICENSEPLATES.TV designs and manufactures stamped (embossed with raised letters and numbers) metal license plates with a custom or personalized number chosen by customer. We did the research to replicate the correct number and letter fonts, colors and layout, so our buyers will be fully satisfied. We have had many cases where customers have insisted they would have paid $500 per plate instead of $95 because of our meticulous manufacturing process. We have seen metal license plates online selling for as little as $10. “Manu” customers have called us disappointed that the plate received was junk and fit for the recycle bin and not their collector car. These cheap license plates are FLAT with no embossing, wrong color hues and incorrect layouts and unfit for collector automobiles which have been meticulously restored to look like the original. Of course most of the sellers of the flat license plates never disclose to consumers the plates are flay. In some cases, the images shown give the impression that these plates are embossed.
So, buyer beware, good quality products are never offered at unbelievable low prices.
The following images clearly show there is a difference between license plates made for car collectors and license plates made for other uses.
Do not be fooled with cheap imitations. Visit
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Follow Me on PinterestPin ItJohn Jensen is among the best automobile restorers in the country.  His business is located in Augusta, Kansas and recently, he restored 1937 Plymouth Kansas Highway Patrol Car with license plate number 27.

Like many other artisans in the automobile restoration industry, John is a stickler for detail and wanted a personalized metal embossed license plate with the identical colors, number and letter fonts plus the layout must be exact as the original. design department requested a photograph of the original license plate which was provided by John.  Our design department used high-tech scanners and created the correct fonts for out tooling department.  In a few days, we were able to ship a set of near perfect replicas of 1937 Kansas Highway Patrol license plates.

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With nearly 30 years of experience customizing, personalizing and replicating antique license plates from the United States and all over the world, has become the leader in this industry.  Apart from auto restoration companies, car museums and car collectors, the motion picture industry use our services to produce authentic-look replica license plates to shoot movies for the big screen and TV in HD or IMAX formats.  Plastic plates are a no-no because they shatter in car crashes.  Flat printed plates are rejected because these show up as fakes in HD or IMAX film formats. manufactures authentic font embossed license metal plates with historically correct colors.

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We made some license plates for The Henry Ford museum, the Curator from the museum sent us a thank you letter.


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